Rearranging pixels...


And I'm a digital girl, living in a digital world.

It seems like it's getting harder and harder to find people who still don't have a web presence, from large corporations to the small business down the street to grumpy looking cats.
The web can be the quickest way to reach your audience. Make sure you don't get tangled up: hire a passionate pixel pusher!

Colors, type, images, and a bit of magic all come together to create tip-top designs.

I combine my interests in UX and psychology with years of art experience to create designs best for your individual needs.
The best designs are those that don't just look good, but are optimized to their purpose and intended audience. From posters to postcards, both digital and print, I've got you covered.

Good lighting, careful composition, and advanced photo editing create fine photos.

There's a lot more to taking a good picture than pointing the camera and hoping for the best. I give my all from start to finish, from setting up lighting all the way to the final edits.
I've got experience in product photography and have been editing photos for almost 10 years, and I'm ready to give your idea my best shot!

Each brand has its own voice. What is yours saying?

Branding is always a careful balance. The colors, forms, and type all combine to give your brand its personality.
Branding can even reach beyond the logo to a whole brand identity. Let me help you develop an identity to remember!


I'm a Bradley University grad with a BFA in Graphic Design. My years of experience with Adobe programs, typography, illustration and photo compositing, and more combined with a love of learning mean that no matter what the occasion, I can rise to it.

I've worked as an in-house designer creating digital and print projects including web graphics, web pages, direct mail, signage, banners and large scale print pieces, interactive PDF forms, product photography, animated ads, and more. I'm not quite a unicorn designer yet, but I'm working on it.

Skills and Knowlege

Print Production Specifications
Digital Production Specifications
Vector Illustrations
Photo Retouching and Compositing
Web Design
Marketing and Branding Concepts